Customer Feedback



“They have doctors, various health services and their own laboratories so blood test results are processed very quickly. The staff are attentive and very polite. There is no 

The facility is impeccable.  The equipment and in house lab are next generation of diagnostic equipment.  The well care model approach is something that could disrupt the current sick care model.  The staff were extremely friend and the IV drip was painless.  I hope you guys open another branch soon or maybe you could start a door to door service”

“ 它们有医生,各种康健服务和自己的实验室所以验血结果处理的特别快。员工都很用心和非常客气。打针时一点都不痛。未来老板还会家上门服务”



Last week when I came to the clinic, I couldn’t sing at all my voice would split in the two different notes and I’ve had this problem for one year and then with the help of the vitamin drip and with Fa with the physiotherapist. Today I can sing it’s amazing. it’s magical. Thank you so much.


“Mireille Barber”

From the moment I walked into the clinic, the friendly staff made me feel welcome and attended to my needs promptly. The clinic is clean and well-maintained. You can get most testing done here, and if further tests are needed, they will refer you to the nearest hospital. I highly recommend it as your initial one-stop shop for all your health check-ups and IV drips.


“James Ashbrook”

Best physio therapy experience I have ever received put to shame anything back home in the uk. Always treated amazing by the friendly staff who never not have a smile on their face. Looking forward to returning in January


“Mutsa Munyaradzi”

The range of services offered at such a reasonable rate is incredible. I opted for the office syndrome options, and it was an unforgettable experience. I will definitely be returning and considering a package basis for my future visits. Highly recommended!



I went there to get flu vaccine. The staffs and Dr. Jasmine were very nice and kind. They took good care of me and very informative. Will definitely go back again for some physio and vitamin drip. This place is not only for sick people.