“Vaccination: Your Key to a Healthy Future”


Benefits of Vaccination: “Vaccines are safe and effective in preventing serious illnesses, reducing hospitalizations, and saving lives. They provide immunity against a range of disease.

We prioritize your health and well-being. Vaccination plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of diseases and safeguarding the community. Learn more about the importance of vaccination and the vaccines we offer.”
Our vaccines are available for individuals of all ages. Check our eligibility criteria to find out if you’re eligible for vaccination.

Vaccine Price (THB)
Flu Vaccine 650
Rabies Vaccine 1,000
Tetanus Vaccine 900
Hepatitis A 1,600
Hepatitis B 850
HPV vaccine (Gardasil®4) 3,600
HPV vaccine (Gardasil®9) 6,900
Pneumococcal vaccine 23 (Pneumovax®) 3,500
Dengue vaccine (Qdenga) 4,600

* Please note that the doctor fee and vaccine administration fee have NOT yet included. Some of these vaccines are not kept in stock and may need to be ordered in advance.

We are able to arrange all routine childhood vaccinations. To discuss your requirements and for details of the standard schedule recommendations for childhood vaccinations please call +66 (0)76510505 or email us at