Family Health Care Center Membership and Renewals

The Member’s registration fee is THB 3,900 which includes the intake health-check (physical examination, basic blood & urine tests, and an ECG), a review of your medical history, and the first 12 months of membership. Additional family members. (spouse and children over 16 years) pay a registration fee of THB 3,000 per person.

The annual renewal fee is THB 2000 (THB 2000 for additional family members over 16 years of age), including a general health check and basic blood & urine tests. Note that an ECG is not standard in the annual follow-up health check.

Family members under 16 years of age are entitled to free membership. However, their annual health checks will not include blood & urine tests and an ECG unless medically indicated. (charges would apply)


The benefits of being a Member?

Members can enjoy the full range of clinic services and appointments with visiting specialists at membership rates. Members have access to home visit services during clinic hours and emergency house calls when the clinic is closed. We have your latest medical information on file which ensures our doctors know your full health history.

fee includes an annual health check which can also be used for medical statements (e.g. for work permits and driver’s licenses).
Members can call or email our center with short medical questions, free of charge, up to 4 times per year.

Members enjoy 10% discounted prices on a wide range of medicines, lab in-house and 15% off doctor fee procedures.


See benefits of membership

  1. Intake Consultation and exam – you receive a detailed check-up and tests of blood urine and ECG, as well as consultation to establish your baseline health understanding with your doctor.
  2. Personalized Care – you will see same doctor each visit and build a familiar relationship.
  3. Continuity of Care – your doctor will also take care of your family and often this relationship last generations.
  4. Preventative Care – through your regular visits and screening of information by your doctor, your health is being monitored and early warning signs of health issues can be noticed by your doctor.
  5. Convenience – being able to visit a nearby center with a familiar doctor greatly reduces stress in a medical visit and makes the procedure efficient and effective.
  6. Discounts on pharmacy purchases and treatment services ranging from 10-15%, in our clinic.
  7. Extension of discount privileges to other hospitals when referred by Family Health Care Center to our affiliated hospital partners.
  8. Access to services, exclusively available to our Members Only – such as; visits by specialists.
  9. Ethical Support and advice – when our primary services cannot fulfill your medical requirements, we will work closely with you to find suitable options in seeing other doctors or hospitals towards finding your best solution.


Why Family Health Care a Member?

At Family Health Care, we know our Members and use a holistic approach to care for your health and well-being now and in the future. We provide primary health care services within our scope of medical capabilities in our clinics and through house calls. For specialized care our family doctors will assess, select, refer to, and interface with, the right specialists and hospitals.